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Ircii //1.1-18

Segmentation fault - Core dumped



Ircii is a simple, small and yet very powerful mIRC script.

Main features:

- Personal and channel protection
- Nickserv autoidentify config
- Anti-spam
- Away system similar to bX
- Clonescan (including On Join)
- Mass modes
- Mass kicks
- Filter kicks
- Channel stats
- Blacklist
- Advanced notify system
- Compact lagbar
- Nick completion
- Highlight system
- Encryption/Decryption
- Folding@Home stats
- etc.

This version was tested under mIRC 6.17 but it should run on every 6.1x (and higher?).

Ircii does NOT contain any spyware, virus, trojans or other crapware that might screw up your computer.



1. Unzip;
2. Copy mirc.exe to Ircii's root dir;
3. Et voilà!

Ircii can be installed in *whatever* directory you want (with or without spaces).

If you are upgrading from a previous version, it's recommended to delete every file and folder (except mirc.exe, of course...) before unzipping 1.1-18.



eastofeden74 [at]


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